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From Humble Beginnings

Mise en Place Catering is owned and operated by chefs Robert Cowley and Nora O Malley.

Having spent 15 years working in some of the finest 5 star hotels and restaurants around the world they  decided to open Mise en Place Catering in 2004 in Drakelands Kilkenny.

For 16 years we ran a successful business catering corporate and family events of all sizes alongside supplying a range of products to other trade businesses.  When the covid-19 pandemic came upon us, as with many companies, almost all of our business ceased.  After 4 months of closure and no sign of any re-opening in the near future it was obvious that a change in direction was needed to get things back up and running again and to get our staff back to work.

The idea of a shop at our premises was born, providing a range of foods that were always favourites to our customers over the years, and making them available in smaller quantities for an easy family lunch and dinner or just a treat.

This seemed to hit a note with our customers and the shop rapidly grew in popularity and with the increased demand the range of products expanded and all of our existing staff were back to work with a few new members too.

In the shop we now have a wide range of salads, main courses, soup, desserts and slices and snacks, Perfect for any family meal or occasion.  We always have the firm favourites but also run daily specials depending what is available seasonally.

Besides the shop we are also continuing to provide catering for larger family parties as pre-booked collections from the kitchen in Drakelands.

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“Innovative Exciting Food, using the best seasonal ingredients, with a personal professional service.”